Data Governance


Does the way your data gets used correctly reflect your policy and process goals?

Data can be used for all sorts of purposes, and not all of them will be in concert with your business objectives. In fact, some of those uses may be damaging your business through incorrect application, unauthorized disclosure, or simply by how loosely your tools allow the data to be entered to begin with. Your business is best served by data that fully conforms to your policies and most directly supports your targeted usage, but this doesn’t happen on its own.


Your data, like water, will naturally flow in every direction and seep through every crack and crevice…


Your data, like water, will naturally flow in every direction and seep through every crack and crevice without some deliberate structure to contain and direct it to beneficial use. Data governance is the design and engineering that drives the right plumbing to deliver your data where you want it, put the right fixture in place at the use end, and keep it from leaking down the drain.


Successful data governance has to be the sum of three parts: policy, process, and system support.


Policy establishes the rules and guidelines, process institutionalizes these policies and defines how they will be upheld, and systems need to be designed and implemented with controls to ensure data is captured, manipulated, and presented correctly. CTA has been helping organizations like yours craft and implement successful data governance solutions for decades. As a full-service solutions team with expertise in strategy and process engineering, as well as system design and implementation, we are uniquely suited to help you through the entire process of establishing effective governance, addressing all three of the critical factors to success. It’s easy to get started – just provide us some basic contact information so we can get in touch with you to set up a free, no-risk consultation.


Keep an eye on the bigger picture…


Well-managed and controlled data ensures that your data strategy is being leveraged to maximize the value of your data investment and drive your business successfully. Explore these complimentary offerings to learn about ways to fully leverage your data…