We’re a Little Bit Different…

Tell us if this sounds familiar…


You contact a big-name consulting firm.  It takes weeks of getting passed from one sales contact to another before you get to the right contact for “your territory”.  The next series of people you talk to are “pre-sales engineers” who sound like they might know what they are talking about, but don’t really understand your context or need, and drive you toward a pre-packaged “one size fits all” solution with a huge price tag.  Their proposed solution includes three times as much as your need would dictate, so you have to negotiate to go forward with only the parts you need.  Later – longer than you hoped it would be – they roll in with a 30-person team of “experts”.  Months later they deliver a 5-inch binder full of documentation and sales pitches, but no tangible solutions.


We doubt that’s what you were hoping for.



Here’s what you will get from us…

  • A stable team of competitively priced assets with skills tailored around your specific projects needs and budget
  • The key people on the team are there for the duration – not swapped out for cheaper resources with less experience
  • No “territory” – you get the team best matched to your needs and we support you wherever you are
  • Your initial contact stays your contact – no sales teams to contend with only to get handed off to someone who seems to be much less motivated by your success
  • Documentation at your level of need – you decide how much
  • Enough planning and strategy to map out a successful pathway at the outset, then progress
  • Early prototypes and hands-on testing/validation
  • Personal, small team service, with big team skills and experience
  • A team with the right skills, assembled to meet your need
  • Direction you set, with expert advice from your CTA principals
  • Regular progress check-ups, tailored to efficiently include the information you want

This is our way...


Over and over, our experience has shown us that the best results come from collaborative relationships with our clients.  Don’t worry, we’ll take care of as much of the work as you’ll let us, but your input and feedback will be a vital part of our process as we go.


Your enterprise has a personality that expresses your goals. We listen carefully to understand your business, your objectives, and your culture so we can act like a native in your context.


When it comes to data, one size definitely does not fit all, and there is no single magic solution that addresses every need. Your solution needs to be…well, yours. We work with you to identify and apply the right technologies in the right ways to match your specific needs and objectives.

Big Picture, Small Steps

Not every data solution lands all at once, perfectly formed and ideal. Even if it could, cost is always a consideration. We bring a refreshingly iterative approach that lets you tackle smaller segments without losing site of the overarching strategy that keeps everything pointed in the right direction.